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About Us

Levi's Kozy Korner is a black owned family run business, brought to life by budding entrepreneur Chelsea. Chelsea has always been crafty and part of the DIY community, but found her love for making chunky chenille blankets and pillows after she saw a blanket online that she just had to have. Being the thrifty person she is, she said "I can make that!".

Levi is her son, who she works so hard for. Chelsea is also a Senior Water Management Specialist and has been with her other company for 4 years now. With having many talents, Chelsea is committed to bringing her long dream of Levi's Kozy Korner to life.

Since having her son Levi, Chelsea has seized every opportunity whether it be birthdays, his room décor, or gifts to DIY when she can.


We want to offer you the Kozy products you and your family deserve and if you don't see what you like, please email for custom inquires and we will make you something you cant live without.  Ready to start shopping with us?


Meet The Team

We opened our doors in January 2021 and we consider customer service excellence as our number one goal. At Levi's Kozy Korner, we want our customers to keep coming back. Our staff works hard in order to offer a selection of unique products at affordable prices, as well as an enjoyable shopping experience.


Chelsea T.

CEO/Creative Director


Amanda A.

Retail Assistant


Levi W.

The Inspiration

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